Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anniversary Celebration with Friends

Hi there,
This past weekend was spent celebrating with good friends their 10 year anniversary and mine and Robert's four year wedding anniversary and 15 years together!  It's crazy to me that this year marks the time that my life now has been spent more with Robert than without.  I guess this phenomenon is not so crazy for those who are high school sweethearts, but for me, it helps me to put into perspective just why we are best friends and why we seem to overcome the bumps that life throws our way.  As crazy as this year has been, it's been the worst yet best year of my life.  I've been given the opportunity to look at my life and really appreciate all that I've been given and even through this awful process dealing with cancer (I almost wrote c-word but I want to own it), I've been given the chance to take advantage of telling friends and family I love them when maybe I wouldn't have before or squeeze a tighter hug when before I would have felt stupid.  Life has a funny of way of making things work themselves out, but I can tell you what may have felt like a simple day out with friends and my husband was one of the best days I've had in soooooo long.  I needed it to my core.  I needed to just breathe the fresh air, laugh and do something I've never done before....all which were accomplished this Saturday.  So before sharing some fun pictures of our great day out, I want to thank Jen and Eric for letting us celebrate with them on their very special day and for allowing Robert and I to celebrate with them!

Elk Creek Winery & Shooting Clay Pigeons
Robert & Me 
Jen, Brooke, me & Jess

Take us to Belterra! 
Eric & Jen, Me & Robert, Jess & Matt, Brooke & Chad

Peace & Love,

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