Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prep & 1st Chemo Treatment

Yesterday was supposed to be the "easy" day. I went to Christ to get a PICC line put in my arm to administer chemo because I cannot have a port due to the baby. The procedure should have taken 30 minutes, but instead took 2 hours of poking and prodding my veins trying to run the catheter to my chest. Needless to say, my poor arm felt like it had gone to war and lost. The worst part is that I have to get at least 3 more PICC lines installed. My next one will be in less than 3 weeks, I really hope I forget the experience before then. I joked with the nurses and asked if I should request for them for the next 3 months for this procedure, but they politely declined stating I have the tiniest vessels and that although I was a good patient, she would prefer not to be the one to install my future PICCs. Not too encouraging.

On a comfy note, last night Robert picked up our new recliner bought especially for me and my recovery. It has two motors, so it can lay completely down like a bed and get you ready for standing position with a remote control! My sweet husband thought this would be a good idea so I'm not stuck in bed throughout the process. I'm relieved we got the chair! Plus, it's super comfy!

ONE DOWN! First treatment was today. We got a late start so we spent the majority of the day at the doctor's office, 10:30am-3:30pm. Overall, experience went better than I expected. Calm room with half a dozen patients other than myself. The nurses couldn't have been any nicer to me. I'm so relieved to have this over with so now I know what to expect going forward (with the treatment at least).

My chemo schedule has changed to every three weeks for the first four treatments because I can not take the "growth factor" injection that boosts your blood count after treatment because it's hasn't been proven safe for baby. So I'll have 3 more treatments every three weeks and then begin a new drug in which I'll have to get a treatment weekly for another 12 weeks. I'm pretty much stating all these details for my sake, changes have been made abruptly around here that it's hard for me to keep track of everything.

It was definitely a surreal day, I was at least 30-40 years younger than every other person being treated today. That was hard to swallow. After I had my moment of acknowledgement I changed my focus to getting what needed to be done and get home. Still feel like I'm dreaming at times.

I've been home for several hours and with the nausea meds in my IV today I still feel pretty good. I just finished making banana bread!!! If you know me well you know I don't cook, much less bake! I was informed by the docs that mid-day tomorrow and day 3 (day of treatment + 2 days) I'll likely start to feeling crummy. Then again on days 5-10 because my blood count will drop. I've went ahead and scheduled for fluids the next two days to be safe. Plus, figured I'd use this damn PICC line after all the hassle of putting it in (jk).

More to come soon...I want to document as much as possible for the first treatment so I'm much more comfortable for the next time.

Peace & Love,


  1. So glad the first one is done and over. Sorry the PICC install was so uncomfortable. You are like me in wanting to know every last detail of what's to come. Also glad you already scheduled for fluids. Keep that comfy chair warm. Great big hugs. Love you.

  2. Sending good vibes your way Misty. Keep your thoughts on the beatiful baby coming soon. Hugs from us in Florida :)

    Mike and Amy

  3. You hang in there. We are following your journey and pulling for you, Robert and your son. Much love. Rick and Sandy Lester

  4. Misty, I have those same tiny veins. I've learned over the years to ask for small gauge from the start. Sometimes the caregivers raise their eyebrows. I just let them know many tries and many bruises have led us to this request.

    I promise I was with you all day long.

    Thank you for documenting for your own memory, it really helps us, too!
    Love you so much!

  5. Gene, Allison, her munchkins, Katie and I are all praying without ceasing for you, Robert, your precious child and you whole family. Your entries have moved me to tears. What an amazing woman you have become. Gene and I have said before the Arnold family is one of the greatest treasures we took from Cheshire Ridge. We love you all and are confident you will kick this "stupid cancer" and have a life filled with joy, love and happiness!

  6. Hey Misty, we have recently heard what you are going through. I admire your courage and thank you for creating this blog !! When you are done recouperating can I have your recliner? :). It sounds awesome!!!
    Shannon, Lisa, Shelby, and Carson.

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  8. Danny and I just came across your blog this evening and what you have been facing over the last month. First off you look gorgeous! Short or long hair, it doesn't matter. You have and will always be a beautiful person inside and out.

    I am truly amazed by the strength and courage you are facing the next chapter of your life with. I do not know many people who would confront such a challenge with the confidence and bravery that you are. The strength you have will undoubtedly allow you to push thru this and onto the best days of your life when your lil' man arrives. It is obvious that you are an inspiration to everyone around you. Please know that you, Robert, and your lil' man are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Alissa, Danny & Trip


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