Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday!
Pups watching TV
I'm sitting here with my pups and so envious of the many posts on Facebook of friends slowly arriving to Cumberland Lake....awwwww what I would do to be there. It's the first time since I can remember that this weekend doesn't mean too much to me because we can't participate in the festivities that this weekend usually means for us.  We actually don't have any plans, so strange.  Planning for our pregnancy was critical to allow for me to have at least a smidget of summer sans pregnancy so I could enjoy my very favorite past time, boating.  Of course this was back in the day when we thought we had a little more control over our lives.  Please friends, continue to post all your beautiful pictures of the lake so I can live vicariously through you! :0)  I know it won't be long until I can participate again, but it stinks not being able to go.  This feels much the same as missing out on me, I know my favorite things but I don't realize just how much I love my favorite things to do until some things in my life were placed on hold.  My new mantra: Just think how sweet it will be when I get to push "play" again and start the ride all over. 

Thank you to so many of you who checked out my post about the Benefit. I've added more pictures to that post and would like to recommend that you take a minute to read my best friend's blog.  Leslie has shared her personal experience of the Benefit via her posted.  I think it's so neat to get a feel of the event through her perspective...go to and let me know what you think!

On Wednesday evening, my mom, Robert and I all worked to get the nursery more established.  Let's be honest, I watched my mom and Robert work on putting furniture together and we still haven't finished.  I'm thinking this is probably what Robert and I will be spending most of the weekend doing. Our little monkey is going to be here in less than 8 weeks at this point which is unbelievable and so exciting to me!  By setting up the nursery, there's been a lot of rearranging going on in the Porter household, but all in all, it's looking good.  I can tell I'm in the nesting mode.  Wish I had more strength and energy to actually get things done myself, but instead I have to supervise.  Thank you Robert and Mom for all your help (Dad, I'll go ahead and thank you because we need your help now that you're back in town).  Once the nursery is looking like a nursery, I'll definitely post pictures!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Enjoy the beautiful sunshine & 3 day weekend!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Misty, you have gained wisdom that it's taken me almost 49 years to fully appreciate. Being at the benefit was surreal and just beautiful. To see yu and Robert surrounded by so many people who love yu and actively care for yu was heartwarming....comforting :-). Lansing is a very fortunate boy ;/) he has two very loving, wise and courageous parents.....can't wait to meet him <3


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