Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chemo Plus 5

Hello there, I have to chuckle a bit when I title these posts, I'm really not that morbid and since this whole thing is new to me, I'm trying to figure out what I want to share, what to keep to myself and what's worth while to write about so bear with me. Because I started this whole thing on the premise of my diagnosis, I feel like that's what I should be sharing at all times, but in fact, I'm still the same girl who has the same interests, thoughts, and motivations and am now just coping with this new order of business. So I want to branch out of bit and talk about the most exciting thing all of us Kentuckians will be bragging about for years to come (well only us BLUE fans anyhow), but how our C-A-T-S kicked some bootie in New Orleans last night!
I had a great time watching the game at a friend's house yesterday, ate myself into a food coma, and caught up with old friends. Saturdays don't get much better than that! I'll finish with a lil cancer update...I have felt remarkably well considering what I feared I would feel like after receiving chemo. Every morning I wake up and Robert asks how I feel and I do a quick body assessment and report to him. It's truly the scariest, and odd scenario to fear what each hour might bring. I've been told that the chemo builds up in your system and the symptoms get stronger, thus worse, with each treatment. So hopefully I won't be suddenly debilitated after my next treatment. But overall, the only complaints I have is fatigue, mild nausea, and this terrible aching in my left arm (nope not even the arm with the PICC line). After 4 days of complaining about this pain in my left arm, I'm starting to think it's a preganacy symptom, not having anything to do with strange what your body does. That's probably the most complex part of this whole process, having a great oncologist (chemo doctor) who knows nothing about pregnancy and a great OB that has nothing to do with chemo! This means Robert and I get to play mediator on daily basis piecing together what each doctor says and sorting out what makes sense to us to be able to make a "decision" that we hope we can live with. As part of the change in my treatment, I begin antibiotics today to prepare for my blood count to start dropping today through day 10. I have no idea what to expect other than what you might expect when you are anemic, my guess by what I'm feeling right now is more fatigue and crankiness. This will occur after each treatment because I won't be taking the "growth factor" to boost my blood count (no good for baby boy). I'm finding myself a bit irritated with the changes to my overall treatment plan and that I don't quite grasp when everything will be finished. I'm more than likely going to be continuing chemo after my baby boy arrives which is an obvious downer (irritant for me) and postpones the mascotomy even further, which means my life with cancer is just extended all the more (and my husbands, parents, friends, etc.). Enough complaints out of me for one day. I'm going to blame my sass today on my dropping blood count. A little random, but to end on a happy note, here's my two babies, Charlie and Roxi. These two fur balls are the loves of our lives and bring more joy and laughter than we could ever imagined.
Peace & Love, Misty


  1. I love this picture of the fury babies! So cute:)

  2. I think that look is "What color should we paint the nursery??" They are adorable. Love you.

  3. Or....just like in the movie "Up" they are imploring with those beautiful and sincere looking eyes, "we are posing in this manner because we love you..." if you haven't seen that movie, as a dog lover you HAVE to ;-).....our Buddy is "Dug" from that a T! It will make y laugh and cry. Love yuk Misty


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